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We Implement a Paradigm Shift

In the management of all forms of waste including nuclear, offering end-to-end solutions, using state-of- the-science proprietary technologies including the transubstantiation (transmutation) of the elements.

Our Core Expertise

The AmoTerra (AMT) management system is designed to assess and remediate waste streams, including mixed waste and radioactive materials. These proven technologies, integrated into a holistic process, not only to remediate waste, but also recover greater amounts of materials to be recycled, up-cycled and/or sold.
AMT’s three-step process




AMT’s three-step process


Our proprietary algorithm-based process to characterize waste streams, whether solid, liquid or air/gas, by assessing the pollutants in

• type
• quantity
• direct/indirect costs associated with alternative management options.

This non-sensory tool provides accurate information on the types and quantities of pollutants, along with costs of remediation; cleanup; disposal/storage; or regulatory compliance, such as permitting or post-closure maintenance.


Addresses solids and effluent liquid waste streams.
Recyclable and reclaimed materials are identified. These can be sold, recycled or up-cycled.

Residual materials’ volume can be further reduced by up to 80%
Remediated benign residue can be returned to the site, thus extending the lifecycle of the existing repositories well beyond its designed life-span.


If the waste stream contains radioactive materials, such as nuclear medicine waste, manufacturing waste, or Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), certain isotopes are classified, separated, and isolated to be treated in the AMT Inactivation Process.

This process accelerates the decay rate (half-life) to a matter of days, as opposed to burial and guarding for generations.

 This is based on over a 1,000 successful replications in Asia, Europe and North America.

Industries Served

  • Oil and Gas

  • Metal mining and processing

  • Water Treatment

  • Waste treatment, dump sites and landfills

  • Nuclear plants

  • Medical waste

  • Ammunition clean-up

  • Fertilizer manufacturing

  • Hospital/Medical Waste

  • Geo-Thermal

  • Mineral extraction

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